Saturday, November 26, 2005

Always in my heart and on my mind...

Here is a picture of my hero. GI John, as I affectionately call him. I miss him so much and there is no end in sight in this deployment. *sigh* Thanksgiving was particularly hard without him. The kids and I spent the day with his mom, dad, sister, her husband, and kids. It was nice but I couldn't help but wonder exactly where he was and what he was doing while we were enjoying a wonderful meal with family. I hope he knows that no matter how far apart we are...he is only a thought away from us.

John can be the sweetest man alive. He surprised me Wednesday morning with TEN dozen roses! I took a few pictures of the roses but I have to get the film developed this week (my digital camera is shot). When I get the pics I will scan and send one of them. They are way too beautiful not to share. :)

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Monday, November 21, 2005's COLD outside!

Old man winter is most definitely on his way. It's colder than a well-diggers @ss and dreary too. There is even talk of possible snow flurries tonight/early morning (no accumulation). It does seem more like Thanksgiving though than the 80 degree weather we had a week or two ago. I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is this Thursday! The kids and I are going to spend it up here with John's family. It will be a hard day to deal with but I have much to be thankful for. I just hope that John and the other military members over there get a nice, hot meal and some down time. They deserve that and more.

Oh..good news! John made the E-8 list! He doesn't think he will get promoted until this time next year but the fact that he made the list is GREAT news. He made it on his first look and I couldn't be prouder of him. I promised him that he can buy a new boat when he gets home from Iraq. *sigh* I knew I would break down sooner or later. lol. If his boat wasn't at a friends house I would send a picture for y'all to laugh at. It's one of those aluminum John boats (old) and he has painted it and any number of other things to make this thing look presentable. The funniest thing though is that he put our old car stereo and speakers in the thing so he could listen to music on the lake. Hehehehehe. Talk about redneck! :)~

Well, my fried chicken is done and my kids are fighting. More later...

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Friday, November 11, 2005

Is this REALLY my life?

Well, I finally decided to start my own blog since everyone else is doing it. Today has been rather trying. My kids were out of school and my 12 year old son (who incidentally suffers from ADHD) is driving me insane. Of course, it doesn't help any that his "daddy" is in Iraq and won't be home for at least another year. So...Keith and I went to Walmart today (he had a birthday earlier this week) to spend the rest of his money and he bought a remote control car. This thing is annoying as hell. lol. The dogs are in "hiding" around here and I have threatened to take the car away from him.

At least I was able to do something productive today. I went to our new Walmart and bought John a Play Station II game, Summer Sausages, stuff to make chocolate chip cookies, two huge things of Citrus Listerine, and I am currently making him a batch of homemade cheddar cheese/bacon bread. This is going to be his Christmas Box. I have no idea what else to send to a war zone. Heck...I think someone should send me a box.