Monday, May 22, 2006

Monday Ramblings...

It sure is a beautiful Monday here. The weather is nice and sunny and the temperature is supposed to warm up to be about 75 degrees today. I love days like this when I can open all the windows in the house and let a gentle breeze come through. :) Not much is going on here. I am still in the process of unpacking (slowly). I've also had company off and on for the past two or three weeks. My friend, Tara, has been here since Thursday. We are having a really nice visit. She is so dear to me and I am so glad that I have the opportunity to spend some time with her before she goes back down to Georgia again. *sigh* This weekend my Mom, Sister-in-law, and my neices and nephews are coming up here for a visit. They are going to take Ariel down to Alabama to spend most of her summer vacation. Keith and I will stay here and spend most of our summer at the swimming pool, I think. Hehehehehe. I suppose I should get back downstairs and do some more cleaning. Does cleaning NEVER end? LOL! ~Daphne~

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Doggy Diapers

I just had to tell y'all what I had to do to my little dog Sissy. When we moved into the new house a few weeks ago she was going around and dribbling her pee all over the house! In my carpet!!!! The carpet that we don't wear shoes on!!!! LOL. I'm sure y'all can imagine my frustration. I guess she smelled the dog that used to live here and decided she needed to mark her territory. I was just about ready to take her to my Mom's house and let her go live with her Granny Mama for a bit. One evening after cleaning up I don't know how many dribble spots...I started asking myself...if they make diapers for baby's wouldn't they possibly make them for dogs too? Hehehehehehe. I grabbed Sissy up and she, Keith, and I took off for Petsmart just as fast as we could go. Thank heavens they did have doggy diapers and this one I got is velcro and re-usable and washable. I have absolutely got to send a picture of Sissy in her diaper. It's the funniest thing ever. There is even a hole for her tail to go through! Hahahahahaha! She's been mad at me but hey...she can't ruin my carpet now! :)

I did it!

Hi guys. Sorry it has been so long since I have posted on the blog. Good news...the kids and I are all moved into the new house! We aren't completely settled yet...we still have MANY boxes out in the garage that I need to go through. The first week we couldn't find anything and I mean anything. LOL. It took me forever to even find the hairbrush! If y'all could see me without my hair combed and'd know...that was a bad situation! Hahahahaha! I have promised myself that I will take my time unpacking though and I am definitely going to follow through with it. My mother-in-law and I almost killed ourselves trying to pack us up and get everything moved over here. I know I don't want to ever do that again. LOL. I truly LOVE the new house. I just wish that John could be home to enjoy it with us. I can't wait for the next chapter of our lives to begin together. At least he will be home again in September. :)