Wednesday, September 26, 2007

John made it to Iraq safely

Just a quick little update to let y'all know that John made it safely to Iraq. The kids and I are doing okay. I'm having a bit of a time adjusting this time around but things will get easier. John was able to call this morning and it was so nice to talk to him. He suggested that I take the kids to the movies tonight so we are going to go see the new Halloween movie. I'm looking forward to it and I am sure they will be surprised when they get home and find out we are going. We need to go and do something fun together. I hope the movie is good!!!! Have a good day, friends.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ariel's new car

I haven't mentioned it before now but the other day John took his beloved Tahoe and traded it in for a car for Ariel. It's a LONG story. Anyway, he will be getting a new truck when he comes home from Iraq so it is okay. The car is an Oldsmobile Alero...really cute if you ask me. It's a 2001...fully loaded...tan interior and leather seats. Here a few pics. :)

Saying Goodbye...

Hi everyone. Just a quick little blog update. We saw John off to Iraq yesterday afternoon. It was a very emotional and sad day. I feel so lonely right now. It is just going to take me a few days or weeks to get used to him being gone, that's all. Anyway, please keep all of our soldiers in your thoughts and prayers. The picture is of John and Ariel before he left. I couldn't get my camera to work but John's Mom took lots of pictures. She tried to send them and only six came through. This was the best one so I thought I would share it for now.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pumpkin Card

Here's a new card I made today with my Cricut (of I used Doodlecharms for the pumpkin @ 4 1/2 inches. The paper came from a Halloween kit that I bought at Walmart.

Halloween Layout

Hi guys. I couldn't wait to get up today and post this one to my blog. I am so proud of this layout. It is the very first thing that I have made with my Cricut that I didn't "lift" in some way or another. I've had this one going through my mind for a few days now. I hope y'all like it.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Still waiting...

I think this speaks for itself...LOL!

I think this speaks for itself...LOL!

Funny but Scary...

Oh good heavens let me tell y'all what happened the other day. I was home sick (with this cyst) and I was in my bed watching television. The telephone rang and it was Keith (my 13 year olds school) telling me that Keith was absent and wanting to make sure that I knew it. I was like...WHAT????? Keith is supposed to be at school. Sure enough they double checked and found out that he had not been there at all that day. Well, of course, I am freaking out by this time. I ran upstairs to make sure that he didn't fall asleep and just miss the bus or something and no Keith. I called John and started screaming and crying for him to come home and that I was calling the police. As soon as I hung up the phone and was picking it back up to call the police what do I hear? Mom? I was like WHAT? OMG! WHERE ARE YOU? He was upstairs. Apparently he decided he was too tired to go to school that day so he got one of his pillows and a blanket and got in his closet to sleep. I have NO idea what he was thinking. Does anyone understand a 13 year old BUT a 13 year old? LOL. OMG I was so mad. Well, of course, I started boo hooing because I was so thankful that he was okay and that someone hadn't abducted him at the bus stop or something. Of course, then he cried. He can't stand to see his Mama cry. lol...served him right. I immediately called John and let him know that Keith was okay and all was good. Then he calls me back LAUGHING (can y'all believe he was LAUGHING? I could hear his dad laughing too. I'm like okay what in the H*ll is so funny? Apparently the first time John decided to skip school he decided to hide in his closet too. LOL. Pretty funny, I guess.

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Today's Dr.'s Visit

Hi friends. Well, we just got home from the doctor's office. The doctor didn't have the luxury of having my CT scan from BACH but he was able to do a vaginal exam and he felt the ovary. Apparently, or at least it seems, that I have a cyst or some kind of blood clot (which may be the exact same thing) on my right ovary. He gave me some more pain meds (thank GOD because this pain is horrible) and told me to also take Advil. I have to go back to see him in two weeks. I guess he is waiting to see the results of the CT scan to be absolutely positive of his diagnosis but if he is right I go back in two weeks and he will check to see if this thing has gone away on its own. He says they usually do. If it is still there then we will have to talk about going in and removing the thing but I am hoping and praying that it will be gone and SOON. I'll keep y'all updated, of course. Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers. Also...please be thinking of John. He leaves for Iraq in just a few days.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Well, I found out this week that the kidney stones are gone. That's the good news. lol. The bad news is that now there is a cyst or some kind of mass in my female organs. I'm really still in the dark about all of this. Tricare (our insurance) was thankfully able to get me in to see a civilin OB/GYN tomorrow afternoon. So...we should know something tomorrow. I'll update as soon as I find out. Please keep me and my family in your thoughts/prayers.

It's a GREAT day to be a BAMA fan! :)

WOO HOO! Can I get a BIG ROLL TIDE?????
Final Score...Alabama 41...Arkansas...38

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Time...or the lack thereof.

John called home last night and said he had some bad news. I knew, in my heart, that the date for him to deploy to Iraq had been upped. Of course, I was right. I can't give an exact date but let's just say it is really, really soon. I was thinking today that Ariel will be almost 18 years old when her daddy comes home and Keith will be 15. It breaks my heart for John and the kids. He loves them so very much and I know it hurts him to have to be away from them for so long. Thank God we are used to him being gone. This is his 10th deployment away from us. At least we are old pros at this and not going through it for the first time, like some.

I also tried to go back to work today but had to leave and come home. I had to call my urologist because I've still been having pain and it is just getting worse and worse instead of better. The doctor said LEAVE work and go straight to BACH (our Army hospital) to pick up some meds. that he put in the system for me to pick up. I'm waiting for him to call me and let me know when to come in for another CT Scan. He says it needs to be this week. He says he thinks I am still trying to pass stones. I think he is probably right. I'm just so tired of this pain and not feeling good. Will I ever feel normal again? lol. I don't ask for much...LOL. Thanks for listening, y'all.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Cartoon of the day...

It never ceases to amaze me how some people in this world can be so evil. I hope they throw the book at this guy!
Hugs to all,