Wednesday, September 26, 2007

John made it to Iraq safely

Just a quick little update to let y'all know that John made it safely to Iraq. The kids and I are doing okay. I'm having a bit of a time adjusting this time around but things will get easier. John was able to call this morning and it was so nice to talk to him. He suggested that I take the kids to the movies tonight so we are going to go see the new Halloween movie. I'm looking forward to it and I am sure they will be surprised when they get home and find out we are going. We need to go and do something fun together. I hope the movie is good!!!! Have a good day, friends.


Carolyn F said...

Glad to hear he arrived safely. Think positive, you are one day closer to him coming home. Enjoy your movie!

My name is Michelle said...

We will be sure and add John to our prayers. It always seems to feel like you got the wind knocked out of you for a few after they leave. Army wives are a tough breed though. Were with you in spirit.

Daphne said...

Thanks ladies.

You are right Michelle. Army wives are a tough breed, indeed. Thank you, my friend, for adding John to your prayers. God Bless You!

Cianna said...

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Anonymous said...

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